Monday, December 24, 2012

Travel Safely with Children

Christmas and New Year, together also with the school holidays to be a time most convenient for a family holiday. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, may be planning to return home, while those who do not celebrate Christmas time visiting family attractions.

Family Vacation for a mother with young children can be stressful in itself. In addition to the items to be brought more and more, keeping children remain orderly, not make unrest at once noticed the comfort, safety and health of the child into a complete package that can not be ignored.

So you do not even hear a whining child depressed, preparation becomes key. If you are traveling by public transport, such as trains, planes or buses try not to carry too much. Simply bring essential items only. Do not forget to separate the bag containing the items required in the course of the bag that is stored in the trunk.

New toy 

Avoiding boredom whining child, give a book or toy surprises on the day of departure. Some new books and small toys to give your child busy on the way. This is much more effective than carrying toys they have, and are used to playing. Children will be more enthusiastic about the new stuff. If a long trip, bought toys and storybooks more than one.

Extra clothing 

It should be prepared in a separate bag, a set of clean clothes (yes, socks too!) Include drugs such as wind oil. It will be very helpful when your baby vomit on the way. That way you can replace it right away, before he whines uncomfortable or even smells can disturb people.


In addition to toy candy, chocolate or other foods that she likes also a powerful way to make a child quiet during the trip. Especially if you're stuck in traffic and hungry child whimpering. Even a snack can reduce child whining of boredom or fatigue. As a result everyone will be able to enjoy the trip with a bit of tranquility.

Extra patience

Remember, your ability to entertain will save a family holiday trip stress-free. Be aware of children who may turn out to be calm even fussy when she was too tired to take a long trip. Breathe in deeply and emotional control as possible. When you are calm and happy, occasionally play with the child, then the child will feel more comfortable.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

6 Tips for Vacationing with Stepchildren


Blend in the new family was not easy for the stepparent as did the children. But the role of the stepparent is important to create a healthy and loving. When a holiday like this, it is an opportunity and challenge for a stepparent to build relationships with the kids.

The main key is creating precious moments while on vacation with their children. Remember, the holiday is a time for kids to have fun. As a stepparent, your role is to listen and try to understand their full acceptance. Children will feel close and loving you this way than if you try to change them.

Mary Jo Rapini, counselor / therapist says there are several things that need attention in order not to bring holiday stress for children too stepparent.

1. Follow the children's routine. 

Instead of creating new routines to give a different impression on the children, it is better just follow their routines. Children feel the stability of the routine in which they live, including during holidays. If there is an unusual routine they do, children tend to feel anxious and acting.

2. Do not force attachment. 

It takes time for you as a stepparent, also the children to be able to build bonding, so do not ever impose this emotional attachment. You also can not build bonding by giving money or gifts. You will not manage to get the love and affection of children, and have a strong attachment to money or gifts.

3. Talk good about his biological parents. 

Keep your words and your attitude, especially regarding his biological parents. Do not ever talk bad about the children's biological parents.

4. No need to discipline children. 

Speaking of discipline, it is the duty of the biological parents. If you feel the children need more discipline, you should talk to his biological parents. Make a plan together to discipline the child. In the future of course you can talk directly to the child. But do not immediately take action as soon as you see a poor attitude in children, Communicate to parents.

5. Honest and open. 

Build genuine communication with your stepchildren. Listen to them, give them support, build honest communication. Do not be patronizing because it would not work.

6. Plan a gift. 

If you plan to give gifts to children, talk with your child ahead of time. But be sure, this is not the intention of the effort to win the hearts of children. Make gift-giving moment as an expression of gratitude and love, through simple things, giving gifts.