Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Babble Respond Tricks

In theory, carried baby babble babble or babling called, usually begins when a baby enters the age of 5-6 months. Although impressed simple, baby talk is a separate development from the beginning could only cry baby.

Keep in mind, babbling stage is considered as one of the important developmental milestone for baby talk. At this time, the baby can combine speech (babbling) with body language. He was not only able to recognize the voice of the people around him, but also felt the feelings of the speaker's tone of voice, whether being happy, sad, or angry.

When babies babble gave her response. Appropriate response will develop the ability to speak baby. In particular the development of receptive language (the ability to understand what is heard) and expressive language (the ability to speak their own words).

How do I respond when the baby right when he ramble? Here's the tricks:

Let the baby babbling. It was only when he pause / finish you respond. Bottom line, do not cut the baby talk.

Speak slowly, clearly, and simply making more babies understand words spoken by hearing.

Try to repeat the spoken baby babble. This method can make the baby happy because he gets attention. This is capital for the baby to develop more self-confidence.

For infants 9-12 months, given sentences simple commands, such as "kiss mama" or "hold the toy". Infants may be unable to fulfill your request at first, but if you show what is meant by the patient, he would be able to do so. Definitely happy and surprised when the child was able to do what you ask.

Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Tips Success Raising Daughters

Raising a daughter is likely to have its own challenges, which may be much more severe than boys. Not just teaching children to maintain self-esteem, but also how to set it up as an independent woman who is able to compete with men.

Raising girls often stumble issue male perspective. Role model for girls like barbie was herding the understanding that women dwell only on physical beauty alone. Not to mention the TV show that portray adult women as gossips.

According to Amy Sluss, founder of Fabulous to Be Female, a women's empowerment organization, which should be done first in the enlarged picture of the child is not letting her and her appearance attached to his mind.

Dressed important but not everything. Instead, do the following 7 steps to raise this child.

1. Praise all his skills, not just appearance.

"We all always want to know if we are looking attractive these days, so do not hesitate to say she looks beautiful," he said. However, this is also true compliment to his ability else, whether it's drawing, speaking, reading, or when he helped his older brother.

2. Encourage your child to exercise and do other activities.

Offer your child try everything from dance, to swim, to play. "Girls who discover what they like from the beginning tend to have a long-lasting friendship and confidence," says psychologist Nancy Mramor.

Knowing early exercise is also beneficial for him to grow into a healthy woman and confident.

3. Teach them about early puberty

Certainly not required serious conversation, but the more often you offend how a woman's body changes, she will be more prepared and not keget when puberty comes, talk about sex and dating will be easier to do.

When it comes time to talk about sex, try to throw away the discomfort yourself. If you are really uncomfortable, just tell your child. Books about girls growing bodies can assist you in clarifying the matter and could be an interesting discussion for you and your daughter.

4. Explain the difference between fantasy and reality.

It is normal if the girls are very fond of fairy tales and dressed like a princess. But, always accompany your child by saying that the tale was just a fantasy and a woman can remain standing without having to rely on a man. This does not mean you should ban had fantasies, but always give him the images of reality.

5. Focus on health rather than being thin.

According to research by the University of Western Oregon, a parent who is unhappy with her figure more likely to have children who do not like the shape of her body. Make sure you always been a role model for him to stay healthy and proud of what he has.

The trick, always set the proper calorie healthy diet, exercising him always, and have always said that a healthy body is always to make the appearance look attractive.

6. Do not forget the influence of men

Raising a daughter is not entirely the responsibility of you. When your child has a good relationship with his father, he will likely have a good relationship with him as an adult.

Naturally, a father figure a different attention to her daughter as physical activity together. So, never forbid your husband if he took your daughter biking, fishing, or fix a car engine. "He often talked to her during the activity," said Mramor.

Remember, too, girls are usually noticed his father treats his mother treats women like. "This is how your child begin to understand how men and women
relate to one another, "says Sluss.

7. Show me a successful female role models

Show your child that the woman's circumstances can be anything they want. Mention heroic women, or those with success. Alternatively, you can also be a role model for your child proud.