Saturday, July 6, 2013

Select Appropriate Age Child Toys

For children, play is a "job" very pleasant. Parenting expert, Carrie Lupoli, reveals that the play can help children develop essential skills associated with the development of their brain capacity.

"In addition, the play also can train the ability to interact, negotiate, sharing, self-reliance, to leadership naturally," said Carrie, in a parenting talk show in Jakarta, some time ago.

But as a parent, you have to be smart to choose the toys are age-appropriate. Carrie added, the choice of age-appropriate toys will help children's brain development capabilities to the maximum.

1. Newborn to nine months
At a very young age, the baby should be given the type of game that should involve all senses. For example, toy cars, rattles, soft toys that can be chewed, picture books (board books or cloth books).

In addition, at this age your child can also be given toys that can be trained to recognize the cause and effect of the act of doing. For example, pop up toy, or a busy box.

2. 9-18 months
Children at this age are considered capable enough to be a little heavier game. For example, plastic toys, artificial food, or zoo game. This game will train them to think a little and observe real human life (imitate real life).

They also can be introduced to a variety of toys that can improve their ability to solve problems. For example, a soccer ball, push and pull toy.

3. 18-36 months
Children this age are able given the responsibility and high sense. Thus, they may be given in the form of material toys that help them to use their own hands while making it. Such as candles, crayons, or thumbprint.

Games that use more imagination is also very good for children's development. For example, game-salonan salon, or a game of mix and match clothes. Besides toys such as action or animal figures, dolls, and stuffed animals.