Friday, April 19, 2013

Many Parents Rely on Gadgets for The "Parenting" Children

Nowadays, all the activities must be related to gadgets (sophisticated electronic devices). No exception, your children's toys. In fact, at the age of relatively still toddlers, kids today are familiar with the gadget. Why do parents today are so lightly give gadgets for their children?

More than half of parents in the United States to admit, they use gadgets such as tablet computers and laptops to "take care of" the child when they are busy working.

Based on studies of discount sites involving 2,403 respondents CouponCodes4u parents in America, 27 percent of parents say that their children play gadgets such as tablets and smartphones every day 22 percent said they use gadgets only child at the end of the week, and only 19 percent said their child rarely using gadgets.

Only 18 percent of parents who said they rarely allow their children to play with gadgets, and 15 percent admitted to never allow children to touch gadget.

On average, parents give children the opportunity to play with the gadgets at least twice a week. The majority of parents (45 percent) use the gadget as their nanny, and 23 percent allow children to play gadget because they want to have "me time", while 13 percent of parents accidentally give their children gadgets that kids calm and no fuss.

"Especially when you're doing sports together, parents give their child gadgets, such as tablets or smartphones to entertain the child's heart," said Mark Pearson, head

Seventeen percent of parents admitted often giving gadgets to children if the kids are bored, and nine percent said they take advantage of the gadget to communicate within the family. Parents who say that they never use the gadget for child care, preferring to spend time with their children as much as possible without involving technology as a means of entertainment together.

"I think it's common for most parents to let their kids play with their technological devices. I was quite surprised at how many parents use the iPhone and iPad as a tool of their nanny, "says Mark.

According to Mark, although introducing technology in children is a great idea, but nothing can replace the interaction among individuals, especially the interaction with the children.