Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being Motivator Families with Greatness Heart

With a remarkable role as a mother, what hopes and dreams you next year as part of a New Year's resolution? If you currently are drafting a resolution for the family, Motivator and Leadership Coach, Ainy Fauziyah, CPC (Certified Professional Coach) shares his inspiration for you.

Ainy said, if you are currently undergoing heavy assume the role of mother, mother's a sign you have not become a happy and loving. Find happiness and try to be a mother, and then run the role with great love. This is the first step. Furthermore, you will discover how you as a mom has incredible strength, of course, with each of the permanent weaknesses you have.

Mother, said Ainy, has great power as a motivator in the family. To be able to discover this power, be a happy mother.

People who are happy do not see this as a burden, but as something that must be faced and resolved. Dream a mom far outweigh the problems. In this way the mother can motivate yourself and be a motivator for the kids and spouses.

Ainy continued, every soul has a strength and a weakness. It's your job to know where the strengths and weaknesses of it. Once you find the spot, the next task is to balance and not feel so helpless.Only we let others consider ourselves weak, we often do not appreciate our strength, underestimate our power. The better we do when we feel helpless as it is put ourselves level with good people.

Mother motivator

Ainy Fauziyah
Well, as you've discovered the power of self, appreciate yourself, be happy being a mother does not feel burdened with responsibility, you're ready to be a mother motivator for families with magnanimity.Ainy explained that magnanimity is knowing when to motivate yourself, motivate a troubled child, when to respect and listen to children, husbands. Heartened means we know when to appreciate the other person not simply just be patient herself.

Every mother is a motivator in the family. Superwomen but not because of the position, education, material but know when to motivate, listen, assist, in joy and sorrow. But the mother who always accompany the family.

If the mother with this power that you desire, it's time to clean themselves. Pushing yourself to not complacent, lacking in self-seeking but not stuck on feeling powerless over your weaknesses encountered.Every mother should have a dream, not materials, but the dream for yourself, son, husband. Mom had to help the child achieve his dream. If children happy, your child has a sense of belonging to his parents and family.

Being a motivator in the family, is this one of your new year's resolution as a mother?
Congratulations to make it happen!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Increase bonding at the dinner table with Ice Cream

Eating ice cream as a dessert at dinner with friends is not the custom in Indonesia. But there's no harm in applying these habits in your family, because this method can extend meal times to help parents to improve bonding with the kids.

The habit of eating ice cream minimal in Indonesia. Overseas, ice cream dessert to be one option. With an ice cream to cover the meal with the family, it may extend the time to eat, eat with family activities can be a means of communicating.

Eating with friends should be the moment to build solidarity and establish communication, not merely functional activity just needs to eat.

Many ways that parents can choose to build unity at the dinner table. One is creating new habits become part of "the family ice cream". That makes ice cream as one of the favorite foods that can attach family relationships.

Ice cream as well as gadgets, kids love and attraction for them.

With ice cream as its appeal, it will be easier for parents to maximize the moment of togetherness is to build viscosity. What about your family, have a more typical way to build bonding at the dinner table?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skin Care Tips for Babies 0-12 Months

Newborns need the right skin care products that are safe. Baby Skin Care is needed because the baby's skin is thinner, tend to be sensitive, because the skin glands are not perfect.

Dermatologist, Dr. Srie Prihianti, GDSS, PhD says the baby is born with basic skin care needs that cleans, moisturizes, and memproteksi.Dengan right skin care for newborns, thinner skin can be better protected.

"Materials have baby skin care products are soft, such as soap, shampoo all have soft, hypo-allergenic or materials do not cause allergies," he said at the press launch of the book "Baby Zwitsal Spa", in collaboration with Tabloid Nakita issued by PT Publishing means Bobo, in Jakarta.

According to Dr. Prihianti, infants 0-12 months of age is safe to use products such as shampoo 2 in 1 which also serves as a soap. This kind of product has been formulated to address the sensitive skin.

"Make sure the product 2 in 1 soft, able to clean the hair and skin of the body but does not cause irritation to the eyes,"

Meanwhile, skin care products can be separated for the hair and body, when babies begin to more physical activity. The level of physical activity is what makes baby skin care needs with a differentiated product, no longer 2 in 1.

"Starting from the age of 1-2 years old baby need a different product, shampoo and soap as distinguished from lots of physical activity,"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom took Stimulants to Improve Bonding

Among urban young mothers understand the importance of bonding with the child. They also understand that parents need to actively build unity, create warmth, two-way communication. Young mothers also know, storytelling for children can be one to improve bonding. However, many young mothers do not know how to do it all more effectively.

Through social media, the Internet-literate urban parents and familiar with the gadgets, get inspired to be more creative to create bonding with the child. Wall's Dreamy Creamy facilitate urban young mothers by presenting information and stimulation using Facebook.

Urban young mothers aged 35-40 years about the importance of actually caring mother child bonding. First, the mother-child bonding may be easy, to accompany children with homework, streets, however, especially young mothers who work challenges the less time and they understand the importance of quality because the moment of togetherness that the little boy's mother. Therefore be one way of storytelling bonding, because the mother embraced storytelling as children but can build creativity.

Unfortunately, about a total of 300 parents, especially mothers, who met in the Wall's Dreamy Creamy Creamy Dreamy World roadshow program at some schools admit that they read fairy tales often unattractive. However, after getting the stimulation of a variety of activities Creamy Dreamy World, urban young mothers become more inspired creatively invent tales that appeal to children. They were able to build bonding in a simple way.

By maximizing social media, and the mother also has a gadget, this stimulation helps mothers are more creative.

Not only inspiring fable, creative activities with ice cream is also another option to build bonding. To encourage mothers and children as well as foster creativity can build unity and mother-child attachment, targeting netted 500 Wall's ice cream recipe creations via Facebook.

Mother creative when challenged. Given the opportunity and the stimulation of this kind, many ideas have emerged and are increasingly active mothers active in social media.

Storytelling is an option to increase the bonding mothers as more communicative. Because it can improve communication, Wall's even prefer this way than any other way to build togetherness passive like watching television or eating together at the mall, for example.

Online activities to stimulate the mother and child through storytelling will continue into next year. How to maximize social media because of the growing number of urban mothers have access to the internet and are familiar with the gadget.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Benefits of Naps for Toddlers


At the age of five, children spend time exploring everything around them so often miss nap time. In fact, take a nap broad impact on growth and mental health of children.

Conclusions recent research has called, a toddler who did not nap or sleep less during the day are more likely to experience stress and feel happy. These children also tend to be at risk of mental health problems during their lives in adulthood.

The team from the University of Colorado Boulder, USA found that children who do not nap or sleep deprivation during the day more anxious and tend to not be interested in their surroundings. They are also less than happy with the happy event and more difficult to cope with stress.

The reason, lost time nap makes toddlers express their feelings in different ways. During the study, they measured the sleep patterns of toddlers aged two to three years. These kids wear special equipment to measure how long they nap with parental supervision.

The study's author, Professor Monique LeBourgeois documenting facial expressions in two different time toddler toddlers acquire nap time, and when they lose sleep.

The results, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, showed that toddlers who are tired from lack of sleep only successfully completed one-third (34 percent) the first puzzle with less positive emotional responses than when they get enough rest.

And, on the second puzzle that deliberately 'not resolved', a tired toddler more depressed than those who received usual nap. More than a third of children who lack sleep are also more ignorant than those who earn a nap on the puzzle they can not solve.

Prof LeBourgeois warned, that 'confusion' is not a bad thing, because it helps children learn from their mistakes. Lack of sleep makes children unable to engage and interact with others. "Just like good nutrition, adequate sleep is a basic need," she explained.

Shouting at your kids, useless actions

The ideal mother is a mother who patiently and always bring joy to the children. But sometimes, your child acting up when your mood is not good. Finally, release me, you shout. Then you wonder, why the child can grow up to be rebellious when entering school age. It was hard to ask him to do something like study, shower, eat and even sleep.

Quite often your child angry and even more frustrating when you are trying to discipline him. Do not think the kids would be scared hostile, it could be more extreme behavior: throwing things, screaming, to hitting.Dealing with a difficult child to be directed, parents are often lured to issue high notes and even snapped. But if this is done, according to Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, Child and Adolescent Psychologist from the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Indonesia will make children more rebellious, especially when the child is not quiet with high emotion.

"Children are emotionally unstable, and has not been able to communicate with a good feeling. Emotions So it takes learning to verbalize emotions. Example, angry children, parents can say, 'oh, you're angry, yes' or so is when a child is sad . But of course the words had not been uttered when the child is experiencing a flood of emotions. Wait until she calms down, "said Vera when found in the" Media Coaching Clinic Lifebuoy & Kidzania Jakarta ".

In addition to using a high pitch, the parents are also not allowed to lie in disciplining children. Lying like to scare kids into bed that night only difficulty will make it a coward. "Parents think lying to children with good intentions or white lies will not give a bad influence. Instead, the child will tolerate him when lying," said Vera. The key to children obey the house rules is communication.

Do not let children who have good communication, even a conflict as two-way communication with parents is also not good. Vera suggests, "Try to make the award on the opinions of our children. Trick by giving freedom of choice. Instance when she had a shower, but he was still fun to play, make it a toy that want to be taken while taking a bath. With the opportunity to choose, children feel valued his opinion that he is slowly going to follow the rules that have been made. "

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hypnobreastfeeding Helping Successful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a challenging activity. Not infrequently encountered failure in nursing mothers, but not a few who successfully breast-feed, which provides milk, exclusively for six months and continued breastfeeding up to two years.

Hypnobreastfeeding be one technique that can be used by women to achieve success in breastfeeding. "This technique is actually put sentences positive affirmations to the mind when we are relaxed. Sentences entered our subconscious mind is to be expected would be able to assist our success in breastfeeding," said hypnotherapy practitioner of Yogyakarta, Arsyita Rokhma in Talks -shows and workshops held Hypnobreastfeeding Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia.

Arsyita said, nursing mothers can practice alone hypnobreastfeeding. How, mothers looking for a comfortable and began to relax yourself while turning a blind eye.

Then imagine the faces and smiles of our children and say that the mother will give the best for the child. Other affirmations, such as her milk enough for the child, the mother can breastfeed exclusively for six months or be able to continue breastfeeding up to two years.

After that, the mother can imagine the mother's breast as empty barrel which is then filled by the flow from the tap is opened. If hypnobreastfeeding is done successfully, the mother will immediately feel the taut breasts due to increased milk production.

Friday, January 25, 2013

False Myths Regarding Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers face enormous challenges to achieve success in exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continue up to two years. There is a variety of the myth about breastfeeding is not uncommon to hinder the success of breast-feeding mothers.

This was disclosed by a pediatrician from Surakarta Islamic Hospital "Yarsis" Dr. Lucy Savitri, Sp.A in Talks and Workshops organized Hypnobreastfeeding Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia, Solo, Central Java.

Lucy recorded at least 18 false myths about breastfeeding that developed in the community. This he notes based on input from various stakeholders, such as the mother or grandmother of the baby to be his patients.

Some myths, according to Lucy, including breast milk has not come out on the first day so it needs plus other fluids. In fact, according to Lucy, the baby still has enough liquid reserves in the body during the first 48-72 hours of life, so that the baby does not need to be given other liquids.

The second myth,
breast milk can not satisfy the baby because the baby is "greedy" and baby boy drinking stronger than girls. In fact, the baby needs all the same, ie, for the first week as much as 80-100 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day.

The age of 3-6 months, the requirement increased to 140-160 ml / kg body weight / day. "
breast milk can meet all the needs of infants up to the age of six months. If milk can not produce an optimal, because lactation management is not good," said Lucy.

The third myth, once stopped breastfeeding, not breastfeeding anymore. In fact, there are techniques to restore relactation baby suckling on her mother. Mothers stop breastfeeding due to illness, the use of infant formula or baby nipple confusion. However, the technique should be right relactation plus high spirits of the elderly and the strong support of the environment.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Helping Children Overcome Fear

Fear of preschoolers is reasonable. In those various kinds of fears come and go throughout the range of child development.

Lara Fridani, early childhood education professor and psychologist at the Bureau of Psychology Multipro, Bogor said the cause of the fear of the preschool is also diverse. Not only because it has not been different to distinguish what is real and not, but also can come from traumatic experiences or fear to see the reaction of other children.

When your child afraid of a general nature, such as fear of the dark, fear of certain animals, done three ways to help overcome fear:

1. Understand the child's fears.

Avoid ridicule or belittle the child's feelings. For example, when a child is afraid of cockroaches, let's just say that it was dirty and disgusting cockroaches so it should not be held. Say also that cockroaches do no harm so do not be afraid. This method is more precise than to say, "Ah equally afraid of cockroaches wrote, trouble here." By react appropriately, the child knows how to deal with disgusting animals, so that gradually the fear children will be reduced.

2. Reduce fear of children with a variety of fun ways.

Children who are afraid of the dark as can be addressed by invited to sing along with the song about the fear of the dark. Or invite to watch movies on the theme of children afraid of the dark. At least from this study your child can understand that all children had the same fear him, and they can overcome the fear.

3. Give the award.

When the child was able to overcome his fears, give praise. Tell them that you are proud of him because it was no longer afraid of the particular case. This award will enhance a child's self confidence and increase his courage.

The First Purchased When Shopping Baby Supplies

Baby shopping list has been created. Time to pregnant women spending the need to welcome your baby. First what items you buy when shopping baby?

Each family would have different priorities when shopping needs of the baby. For some parents, perhaps not all baby equipment purchased because there is an option to rent it. But not a bit too young parents waiting for their first child choose to buy all the equipment, hoping to pass along to the next child.

Stroller and a crib for most items parents consider when making your shopping list. But what is the first item purchased and is considered the most important?

Two pregnant women who were enjoying the final trimester share experiences. Arninta Puspitasari (called Ninta), 26, chose to buy toiletries for the baby as the first item purchased while shopping needs of the baby. While Ferawati Gondokusumo (called Fera), 33, bought up all the core equipment in the two day shopping needs of the baby. Core goods for them Fera table for toiletries, diapers, octopus.

Other essential items are also often spent at the beginning of which baby carrier and stroller.

For Ninta, two things are important. Especially stroller needed for her first child. He chose to buy the stroller rather than renting or getting a used baby of the family.

"This is the first child, and my eldest son, so I think I can afford to meet their own needs can also be lowered to my siblings later," he said.

In a talk show about baby care with Tabloid Nakita at UB Women & Children Hospital some time ago, the stroller is also a concern young parents.

Stroller in the baby gear shopping list. Still not a few parents who are having trouble choosing a variety of types of stroller available. Including whether to choose the stroller with a certain angle so as not to pose a risk, especially for the newborn?

When talk show, Dr. Attila Dewanti, SpA (K), explained there is no specific criteria in choosing a stroller that is safe for the baby.

"There is no impact from the use of stroller, both flat 180 degrees or not," he explained.

But Dr. Attila suggests, in choosing a stroller should look for that could be used for a long time and multifunctional.

"Buy a durable that can be used until the baby is big, the baby can use when he began to learn to sit," he advised.

How about you, what baby gear to buy when you first begin to prepare all their needs?