Thursday, January 24, 2013

The First Purchased When Shopping Baby Supplies

Baby shopping list has been created. Time to pregnant women spending the need to welcome your baby. First what items you buy when shopping baby?

Each family would have different priorities when shopping needs of the baby. For some parents, perhaps not all baby equipment purchased because there is an option to rent it. But not a bit too young parents waiting for their first child choose to buy all the equipment, hoping to pass along to the next child.

Stroller and a crib for most items parents consider when making your shopping list. But what is the first item purchased and is considered the most important?

Two pregnant women who were enjoying the final trimester share experiences. Arninta Puspitasari (called Ninta), 26, chose to buy toiletries for the baby as the first item purchased while shopping needs of the baby. While Ferawati Gondokusumo (called Fera), 33, bought up all the core equipment in the two day shopping needs of the baby. Core goods for them Fera table for toiletries, diapers, octopus.

Other essential items are also often spent at the beginning of which baby carrier and stroller.

For Ninta, two things are important. Especially stroller needed for her first child. He chose to buy the stroller rather than renting or getting a used baby of the family.

"This is the first child, and my eldest son, so I think I can afford to meet their own needs can also be lowered to my siblings later," he said.

In a talk show about baby care with Tabloid Nakita at UB Women & Children Hospital some time ago, the stroller is also a concern young parents.

Stroller in the baby gear shopping list. Still not a few parents who are having trouble choosing a variety of types of stroller available. Including whether to choose the stroller with a certain angle so as not to pose a risk, especially for the newborn?

When talk show, Dr. Attila Dewanti, SpA (K), explained there is no specific criteria in choosing a stroller that is safe for the baby.

"There is no impact from the use of stroller, both flat 180 degrees or not," he explained.

But Dr. Attila suggests, in choosing a stroller should look for that could be used for a long time and multifunctional.

"Buy a durable that can be used until the baby is big, the baby can use when he began to learn to sit," he advised.

How about you, what baby gear to buy when you first begin to prepare all their needs?