Thursday, January 24, 2013

Helping Children Overcome Fear

Fear of preschoolers is reasonable. In those various kinds of fears come and go throughout the range of child development.

Lara Fridani, early childhood education professor and psychologist at the Bureau of Psychology Multipro, Bogor said the cause of the fear of the preschool is also diverse. Not only because it has not been different to distinguish what is real and not, but also can come from traumatic experiences or fear to see the reaction of other children.

When your child afraid of a general nature, such as fear of the dark, fear of certain animals, done three ways to help overcome fear:

1. Understand the child's fears.

Avoid ridicule or belittle the child's feelings. For example, when a child is afraid of cockroaches, let's just say that it was dirty and disgusting cockroaches so it should not be held. Say also that cockroaches do no harm so do not be afraid. This method is more precise than to say, "Ah equally afraid of cockroaches wrote, trouble here." By react appropriately, the child knows how to deal with disgusting animals, so that gradually the fear children will be reduced.

2. Reduce fear of children with a variety of fun ways.

Children who are afraid of the dark as can be addressed by invited to sing along with the song about the fear of the dark. Or invite to watch movies on the theme of children afraid of the dark. At least from this study your child can understand that all children had the same fear him, and they can overcome the fear.

3. Give the award.

When the child was able to overcome his fears, give praise. Tell them that you are proud of him because it was no longer afraid of the particular case. This award will enhance a child's self confidence and increase his courage.