Monday, July 1, 2013

School Lunch Not Taste The Parents

Leave the selection of school lunch menus in children, because that is taking the baby. Useless if the nutrient composition and provision has been filled with good container, but children no appetite, even remained snack.

Pritasari, MKes of Health Polytechnic II Jakarta said provision is given to the child must adjust to the child's wishes or tastes at the time. So, there must be a compromise between parent and child.

Mother of three children, Laili Purnamasari Goddess share her experience, "Whenever possible menu lunch brought to school kids love." Subsequently, he lived modifying nutritional content. For example, when the kids ask for a menu of fried rice, he making or request, but it is inserted into vegetables, eggs, sausage, and more, then comes the fruit.

Meet the demand for children to be patient. "Never in one day, the kids ask for a different menu." Although troublesome, Goddess work at it. So much easier, the Goddess is usually preparing the menu for five school days, then discuss with her three children to determine the menu every day. Once the menu is set, he will buy the raw material and in stock a week.

Endang Titi Amrihati, SKM, M. Kes, from the Department of Health MoH nutrition Polytechnic Jakarta II, also agree, children should be brought stock liked.

This is where the key to successfully bringing lunch to school, eat the food prepared by the children. So, before making a stock, ask in advance to the baby, what food she wanted to take for lunch the next day.

"Parents just need to make sure the child continues to meet expectations menu nutritional needs," said Endang.

When parents discuss the child's lunch menu, according to Endang, could be a good moment to give a briefing to child nutrition. Such as explaining the benefits of bringing lunch, what nutrients are needed to keep the spirit of learning, and a variety of food sources of nutrients that are good for children.

Another thing to note, Endang added, select the type of cuisine / food that is not perishable, so avoid air food coconut milk, vegetables such as kale and spinach leaves. In addition, the appearance of the food must also remain attractive awake so tempting children.

"Procedures such food in an attractive container stock. Example, rice or bread printed with cute prints like children. Fruits cut into interesting shapes, such as round shape, triangle, star, heart, or animal," he advised.