Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Babble Respond Tricks

In theory, carried baby babble babble or babling called, usually begins when a baby enters the age of 5-6 months. Although impressed simple, baby talk is a separate development from the beginning could only cry baby.

Keep in mind, babbling stage is considered as one of the important developmental milestone for baby talk. At this time, the baby can combine speech (babbling) with body language. He was not only able to recognize the voice of the people around him, but also felt the feelings of the speaker's tone of voice, whether being happy, sad, or angry.

When babies babble gave her response. Appropriate response will develop the ability to speak baby. In particular the development of receptive language (the ability to understand what is heard) and expressive language (the ability to speak their own words).

How do I respond when the baby right when he ramble? Here's the tricks:

Let the baby babbling. It was only when he pause / finish you respond. Bottom line, do not cut the baby talk.

Speak slowly, clearly, and simply making more babies understand words spoken by hearing.

Try to repeat the spoken baby babble. This method can make the baby happy because he gets attention. This is capital for the baby to develop more self-confidence.

For infants 9-12 months, given sentences simple commands, such as "kiss mama" or "hold the toy". Infants may be unable to fulfill your request at first, but if you show what is meant by the patient, he would be able to do so. Definitely happy and surprised when the child was able to do what you ask.