Friday, June 28, 2013

Do not Overdo The Child Responding Error

Making mistakes is part of the journey of life and daily activities of every person, including children ages 3-5. So, it goes without excessive response to child errors, especially involving emotion.

That parents need to do is to guide the child to be able to determine fault or problem, also train children to consider, especially with regard to the behavior of others.

To bring this behavior, early parenting need to consistently introduce the norms and rules that apply in a social environment. Example, when feeding it with nipple biting hard, then she needs to tell him that it hurt. Do not assume the baby does not understand, he could understand by the expression, intonation, also shock you. Gradually she will understand, should not hurt others do.

As you age, the child will develop moral skills through observation to the surrounding environment. From there he will be aware of the moral norms of what happened, then he will also understand the cause-effect relationships. From here children will learn about morals.

So, do it quietly and do not involve emotion. Accept if the child is frightened and then menangis.Tenangkan first, then go back the discussion to resolve conflicts or problems that occur. The end goal is the son apologized for the mistakes that have been done and given that the behavior is not acceptable or unpleasant for others.

Stay focused on the behavior and causality. Give children the opportunity to express their opinions on a reason or behavior. Then have children think about the consequences to others and convey what should be done to improve his behavior.

No less important, the attitude and behavior must be shown to admit this mistake parents, caregivers, teachers, or any other person in front of children. Children learn by copying. If you are easy to say sorry, it will be easy and familiar children do.

Certainly not just say "sorry", the child should also be able to understand mistakes and not repeat them. In addition, parents also need to stimulate the rules and discipline applied by the home environment, school, and social child to minimize errors.