Saturday, March 9, 2013

4 Stress Free Tips for Parents

Guilt haunt mothers work, because that reduces the workload of your time with family and children. Guilt arises naturally, because they are not able to properly take care of family affairs and more concerned with jobs. If you have this, the stress arises.

However, you need to take steps to relieve this pressure, and change guilt with something positive. Here's how:

1. Sharing the load
Nowadays, fathers are encouraged to take the burden in terms of parenting. A recent study conducted by the Families and Work Institute, found that fathers can spend one hour per day with their children, the role of fathers different from 25 years ago.

Participation father could come especially when the kids are sick, or when one parent is expected to attend a meeting of parents and teachers in the school. When it comes to parenting, do not hesitate to share the burden of responsibility with a partner.

2. Create a flexible schedule
If you are feeling very stressed, try to ask your boss so rearrange your work schedule. If possible, have the policy of the office so that you can work four days at the office, and one day at home.

However, if that is not possible, try to choose a day on the weekend to be able to spend time with family. At that time, you must turn off your laptop and cell phone. Focus yourself on family togetherness.

3. Search perspectives
If you are at work right now, you might expect to be at home. But you may not be immediately satisfied if it can stay at home all day. According to Dr. Leon Hoffman, director of the Pacella Parent Child Center, many working mothers wish they were more often to be home with the kids, but when it finally managed to achieve this goal, they hope to get back to work. The bottom line? Being a mom is a tough job, no matter how you try to solve it. But if you get perspective on your situation, and believe the reason you are working (or stay home), you can take the positives and wisdom from him.

4. Little stress for children
Research shows that children who are placed in daycare, it will have no impact on their unruly behavior. A study measuring the development of more than 6,000 children, found that children who are entrusted in daycare while their mothers work do not experience permanent delinquency because their mother's absence.

According to Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institur, the children would prefer that their parents are not too stressed and tired to think of them, rather than having to actually with them for 24 hours during the week.

"Does this finding mean that children do not care about the time with parents? No. The children are even more concerned with the condition of their parents in order to spend time together," says Galinsky, who recently wrote his findings in The American Psychoanalyst.

So, rather than worrying about how long to be with the family at home, it's better to focus on the situation of having fun with your family when you're with them.