Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Want to eat? Train Children to Cook Instead of Buying

Cook your own meals can be done daily school-age children. Parents can begin teaching cooking to give confidence to the child. Thus, every time a child wants to eat, he can create by cooking at home, not a consumer by asking buy certain foods.

Professional Chef Indonesian cuisine Indonesian cuisine of Love (ACMI), Ade Suherman, coached his eldest son Muhammad Rizki Abadi (10) for cooking since the age of seven. According to him, children need to be trained to cook their own meals when the time comes. However, parents still need to adjust the cooking ability of the child, and still no supervision while cooking.

Although no supervision, he is familiarly called Herman's suggested should supervise children while cooking without showing excessive concern.

"We're cooking, chop onion Rizki never asked for my help. I let it hit his hand and finger knives, bloody but he remained silent. Then I was not reprimanded. In the kitchen there is a risk it will be like that, so do not worry too much," he said when met at the launch of the movement Dayakan Indonesia, in Jakarta.

Can parents do when cooking is to introduce children to train and teach you how to use a variety of cooking equipment. Including how to use a knife for example. Also Arm children with simple knowledge about cooking. For example, when exposed to splashes of oil frying, train children not to panic and not to be afraid exposed to splashes of oil. Once again, this is the risk of cooking. By getting used to, the child will be more confident.

Herman also advised to not judge young people make mistakes especially when comparing it to cook. Including when he made dishes failed. Precisely give good knowledge related to the cooking time so that the child tried to cook again, it will give you better results.

To train the cooking habits in children, you should choose simple dishes like stir.

Although not claim the child seems to be a chef, Herman admitted his eldest son is now able to cook their own meals. Start fried eggs, stir, fry chicken nuggets can. But Herman limit frying food because it is more risky for children.