Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom took Stimulants to Improve Bonding

Among urban young mothers understand the importance of bonding with the child. They also understand that parents need to actively build unity, create warmth, two-way communication. Young mothers also know, storytelling for children can be one to improve bonding. However, many young mothers do not know how to do it all more effectively.

Through social media, the Internet-literate urban parents and familiar with the gadgets, get inspired to be more creative to create bonding with the child. Wall's Dreamy Creamy facilitate urban young mothers by presenting information and stimulation using Facebook.

Urban young mothers aged 35-40 years about the importance of actually caring mother child bonding. First, the mother-child bonding may be easy, to accompany children with homework, streets, however, especially young mothers who work challenges the less time and they understand the importance of quality because the moment of togetherness that the little boy's mother. Therefore be one way of storytelling bonding, because the mother embraced storytelling as children but can build creativity.

Unfortunately, about a total of 300 parents, especially mothers, who met in the Wall's Dreamy Creamy Creamy Dreamy World roadshow program at some schools admit that they read fairy tales often unattractive. However, after getting the stimulation of a variety of activities Creamy Dreamy World, urban young mothers become more inspired creatively invent tales that appeal to children. They were able to build bonding in a simple way.

By maximizing social media, and the mother also has a gadget, this stimulation helps mothers are more creative.

Not only inspiring fable, creative activities with ice cream is also another option to build bonding. To encourage mothers and children as well as foster creativity can build unity and mother-child attachment, targeting netted 500 Wall's ice cream recipe creations via Facebook.

Mother creative when challenged. Given the opportunity and the stimulation of this kind, many ideas have emerged and are increasingly active mothers active in social media.

Storytelling is an option to increase the bonding mothers as more communicative. Because it can improve communication, Wall's even prefer this way than any other way to build togetherness passive like watching television or eating together at the mall, for example.

Online activities to stimulate the mother and child through storytelling will continue into next year. How to maximize social media because of the growing number of urban mothers have access to the internet and are familiar with the gadget.