Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being Motivator Families with Greatness Heart

With a remarkable role as a mother, what hopes and dreams you next year as part of a New Year's resolution? If you currently are drafting a resolution for the family, Motivator and Leadership Coach, Ainy Fauziyah, CPC (Certified Professional Coach) shares his inspiration for you.

Ainy said, if you are currently undergoing heavy assume the role of mother, mother's a sign you have not become a happy and loving. Find happiness and try to be a mother, and then run the role with great love. This is the first step. Furthermore, you will discover how you as a mom has incredible strength, of course, with each of the permanent weaknesses you have.

Mother, said Ainy, has great power as a motivator in the family. To be able to discover this power, be a happy mother.

People who are happy do not see this as a burden, but as something that must be faced and resolved. Dream a mom far outweigh the problems. In this way the mother can motivate yourself and be a motivator for the kids and spouses.

Ainy continued, every soul has a strength and a weakness. It's your job to know where the strengths and weaknesses of it. Once you find the spot, the next task is to balance and not feel so helpless.Only we let others consider ourselves weak, we often do not appreciate our strength, underestimate our power. The better we do when we feel helpless as it is put ourselves level with good people.

Mother motivator

Ainy Fauziyah
Well, as you've discovered the power of self, appreciate yourself, be happy being a mother does not feel burdened with responsibility, you're ready to be a mother motivator for families with magnanimity.Ainy explained that magnanimity is knowing when to motivate yourself, motivate a troubled child, when to respect and listen to children, husbands. Heartened means we know when to appreciate the other person not simply just be patient herself.

Every mother is a motivator in the family. Superwomen but not because of the position, education, material but know when to motivate, listen, assist, in joy and sorrow. But the mother who always accompany the family.

If the mother with this power that you desire, it's time to clean themselves. Pushing yourself to not complacent, lacking in self-seeking but not stuck on feeling powerless over your weaknesses encountered.Every mother should have a dream, not materials, but the dream for yourself, son, husband. Mom had to help the child achieve his dream. If children happy, your child has a sense of belonging to his parents and family.

Being a motivator in the family, is this one of your new year's resolution as a mother?
Congratulations to make it happen!