Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shouting at your kids, useless actions

The ideal mother is a mother who patiently and always bring joy to the children. But sometimes, your child acting up when your mood is not good. Finally, release me, you shout. Then you wonder, why the child can grow up to be rebellious when entering school age. It was hard to ask him to do something like study, shower, eat and even sleep.

Quite often your child angry and even more frustrating when you are trying to discipline him. Do not think the kids would be scared hostile, it could be more extreme behavior: throwing things, screaming, to hitting.Dealing with a difficult child to be directed, parents are often lured to issue high notes and even snapped. But if this is done, according to Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, Child and Adolescent Psychologist from the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Indonesia will make children more rebellious, especially when the child is not quiet with high emotion.

"Children are emotionally unstable, and has not been able to communicate with a good feeling. Emotions So it takes learning to verbalize emotions. Example, angry children, parents can say, 'oh, you're angry, yes' or so is when a child is sad . But of course the words had not been uttered when the child is experiencing a flood of emotions. Wait until she calms down, "said Vera when found in the" Media Coaching Clinic Lifebuoy & Kidzania Jakarta ".

In addition to using a high pitch, the parents are also not allowed to lie in disciplining children. Lying like to scare kids into bed that night only difficulty will make it a coward. "Parents think lying to children with good intentions or white lies will not give a bad influence. Instead, the child will tolerate him when lying," said Vera. The key to children obey the house rules is communication.

Do not let children who have good communication, even a conflict as two-way communication with parents is also not good. Vera suggests, "Try to make the award on the opinions of our children. Trick by giving freedom of choice. Instance when she had a shower, but he was still fun to play, make it a toy that want to be taken while taking a bath. With the opportunity to choose, children feel valued his opinion that he is slowly going to follow the rules that have been made. "