Friday, January 25, 2013

False Myths Regarding Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers face enormous challenges to achieve success in exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continue up to two years. There is a variety of the myth about breastfeeding is not uncommon to hinder the success of breast-feeding mothers.

This was disclosed by a pediatrician from Surakarta Islamic Hospital "Yarsis" Dr. Lucy Savitri, Sp.A in Talks and Workshops organized Hypnobreastfeeding Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia, Solo, Central Java.

Lucy recorded at least 18 false myths about breastfeeding that developed in the community. This he notes based on input from various stakeholders, such as the mother or grandmother of the baby to be his patients.

Some myths, according to Lucy, including breast milk has not come out on the first day so it needs plus other fluids. In fact, according to Lucy, the baby still has enough liquid reserves in the body during the first 48-72 hours of life, so that the baby does not need to be given other liquids.

The second myth,
breast milk can not satisfy the baby because the baby is "greedy" and baby boy drinking stronger than girls. In fact, the baby needs all the same, ie, for the first week as much as 80-100 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day.

The age of 3-6 months, the requirement increased to 140-160 ml / kg body weight / day. "
breast milk can meet all the needs of infants up to the age of six months. If milk can not produce an optimal, because lactation management is not good," said Lucy.

The third myth, once stopped breastfeeding, not breastfeeding anymore. In fact, there are techniques to restore relactation baby suckling on her mother. Mothers stop breastfeeding due to illness, the use of infant formula or baby nipple confusion. However, the technique should be right relactation plus high spirits of the elderly and the strong support of the environment.