Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Increase bonding at the dinner table with Ice Cream

Eating ice cream as a dessert at dinner with friends is not the custom in Indonesia. But there's no harm in applying these habits in your family, because this method can extend meal times to help parents to improve bonding with the kids.

The habit of eating ice cream minimal in Indonesia. Overseas, ice cream dessert to be one option. With an ice cream to cover the meal with the family, it may extend the time to eat, eat with family activities can be a means of communicating.

Eating with friends should be the moment to build solidarity and establish communication, not merely functional activity just needs to eat.

Many ways that parents can choose to build unity at the dinner table. One is creating new habits become part of "the family ice cream". That makes ice cream as one of the favorite foods that can attach family relationships.

Ice cream as well as gadgets, kids love and attraction for them.

With ice cream as its appeal, it will be easier for parents to maximize the moment of togetherness is to build viscosity. What about your family, have a more typical way to build bonding at the dinner table?